Posted by: Richard Neale | March 27, 2011

Who am I?

Hi.  My name’s Richard Neale.  I’m the National Trust’s General Manager for Snowdonia and Llyn.  I’ve worked with the Trust all my working life and have been based at Beddgelert for a quarter of a century.

That’s long enough to know what’s really special about this amazingly beautiful part of he world – and also to know how easily it can be spoilt.

When Ken, the owner of Llyndy Isaf (which includes most of Llyn Dinas lake – just half a mile from my office) asked us if we would be interested in purchasing the farm, I just knew that it merits the highest form of protection – that is in the ownership of the National Trust.

But the only way we can achieve that goal is through your help.  National Trust land belongs to the nation, so through our Snowdonia Appeal, we aim to raise the funds to secure this amazing place for ever – for everyone.  Or “Am byth i bawb“, as we say in these parts!

Over the next few weeks and months I will be keeping you updated on how the appeal is going – and will share with you my experiences and life-long love for this wonderful part of the world.


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