Posted by: Richard Neale | April 1, 2011

What’s in a name?

Interest in the appeal is spreading far and wide.  Not all our supporters are used to our Welsh place names.  So to help people who find our beautiful language unpronounceable, I thought I should say a word about the name.

Llyndy Isaf is pronounced llunndee eessav, (‘ll’ as in antler).  I’ve underlined the emphasised syllables.

Welsh place-names are wonderfully descriptive, if sometimes lacking in romantic charm.  For instance, one of the ancient ruined cottages of the farm is called Tan yr Allt (under the hill) another is called Bwlch Derw (oak pass).  Others are a little more evocative, Dinas Emrys is Ambrosius’s Fort.  The bridge at the bottom of the lake is Pont Nasi (Nacy’s bridge) named after the last resident of Tan yr Allt cottage.

So what about the meaning of Llyndy Isaf?  Well it means “lower lake-house”.  The ‘lower’ (Isaf) was probably added when another house was built higher up the hillside which became known as Llyndy Uchaf (upper lake-house).


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