Posted by: Richard Neale | June 16, 2011

New Photos of Llyndy Isaf

Joe Cornish

In early May, I reported that I’d met the renowned landscape photographer, Joe Cornish at Llyndy Isaf.    He spent a whole day until dusk capturing the scenery and unique atmosphere of this special place on camera.  Keeping the sun to his back, he worked his way across the property from east to west, ending up with a series of wonderful panoramic shots of the farm from Craig Llyn on the Snowdon side.

I’ve added a sample of his amazing work on the Photos / Lluniau tab above for you.  I’m sure we’ll be using these images to inspire people to get involved with our appeal.

If you are a National Trust member, you will have read Jan Morris’ article on “The Idea of Snowdonia” in our Summer edition of our Magazine.  It manages to capture the elusive character that lies behind the beauty of Snowdonia.  Here’s a quote:

“…whichever way you approach it, the blue-grey mass of  [Snowdonia’s]
escarpment looks formidably fortress-like, as though secrets and mighty memories are sheltered in its gullies. And so they are, because Snowdonia is more than just a geographical feature, variously defined, but is a stacked repository of the meaning of Wales itself.

Donations are still coming into the appeal, but we still have a ‘mountain to climb’ before I can assure you that Llyndy Isaf is safe.  I’ll keep you posted on news and fundraising events that we are planning through this summer.


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