Posted by: Richard Neale | June 26, 2011

Llyndy Isaf, the movie: Any ideas?

Llyndy Isaf is the perfect subject for landscape photography, but how about film? Photo: ©National Trust/Joe Cornish

 I was recently contacted by a pair of film-makers, with the idea of producing a film about Llyndy Isaf. 

Joe Spiteri and Pete Dungey are graphic designers who dedicate their spare time to making films and documentaries.  

Pete explained that “we have been eagerly following the appeal to save Llyndy Isaf and would love to do our part.”  He went on to offer their services on a voluntary basis as their contribution to the appeal.

He continued  “we would really like to put our abilities to good use by telling the story of Llyndy Isaf and the campaign to protect its future”.

We are now making plans for the pair to visit and begin filming, but I thought that I would use this blog to ask for ideas of what you would like to see being covered in the film.

 Please use the ‘comments’ link to send me your ideas and play a part in this project.



  1. I would showcase the natural beauty of the land via the wildlife inhabiting the area. So, start the film from a bird’s eye view, a falcon flying high in the sky surveying the land from above. Progressively come down into the microcosm of the fields, the hills and the forests, teaming with wildlife in these ecosystems. The sweet furry faces of the animals will draw the audience into their world and help the humans understand that preserving their habitat is self-evident simply because it is their home, they are beautiful and deserve to be happy 😉

  2. Thanks for this very imaginative comment. I agree that we need to feature the wildlife of the farm so that people can appreciate the benefits that NT management will mean if we can purchase Llyndy. I will pass the comment on to the film makers for them to consider and keep blog readers informed of progress.

  3. We met Joe Spiteri and Pete Dungey this Sunday at Hafod y Porth making their way to the fort ruins of dinas emrys. The weather was awful but credit to them they followed our directions and hopefully were able to do some filming.
    Still hoping for that lottery win to help you out!!

    • Hi Greenhalghes. Great to hear that Joe and Pete didn’t let the weather stop their film-making. How’s that for dedication! At least they had some good weather on Saturday. Keep buying the tickets!

  4. Hello all.

    The conditions up at the fort were indeed treacherous! Not aided by our wrong turn, meaning we spent an extra hour or so up there!

    Thanks for your directions and warm welcome.

    Richard, have you heard anything re: narration?

    We look forward to you seeing the film soon, we are deep in the midst of editing at the moment.

    Pete and Joe

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