Posted by: Richard Neale | July 5, 2011


Please help us protect Llyndy Isaf for future generations. Matthew Rhys with Beddgelert school children at the launch of the appeal, 100 days ago. Photo credit: NT/Roger Richards

I’m pleased to be able to let you know that we’ve now reached the £750,000 mark in our £1m appeal to save Llyndy Isaf farm for the nation. 

The appeal has captured the imagination of thousands of people all over the country and beyond.  To raise this figure in just 100 days has been an amazing achievement.  A huge “diolch yn fawr iawn” (thank you very much) to everyone who’s already helped.


This is the point where we really need your help.  For the first 5 weeks, we raised a staggering £100,000 per week.  But for the subsequent 10 weeks the donations have slowed right down.    Of course, we were expecting this.  Like the ascent of one of our mountains, the last bit is the hardest.  So please give whatever you can afford to the appeal by clicking the Snowdonia Appeal website link on the right.

I’d like to tell you about some more acts of generosity – and about the time I took Snowdonia to London – but that will have to wait until I’m not so busy.  Keep checking the blog for news!



  1. How much have you raised so far to date (13 July 2011)? And how much is left to find?

    Alice Jacob

    • Hi Alice. Many thanks for your question. It’s now just over a week since we announced that we’d passed the £750,000 mark, meaning that we were three-quarters of the way to our goal of £1m. It takes a while for us to collate the donations as they come in, but there has been a good level of interest since the announcement, with 135 hits to this blog in just on one day. This would encourage me to think that there’s been a good response to our plea for one last push to save Llyndy Isaf for future generations.

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