Posted by: Richard Neale | August 30, 2011

Lucky Winners Visit Farm

“I never win anything!”

This was Iona Seymour’s amazed reaction when she found out that she was one of three lucky winners who’s names had been picked from amongst the tens of thousands of people who’ve so far donated to the Llyndy Appeal.

Iona, together with fellow-winners Rachel Rosen and Rafe Osborne, had travelled to Beddgelert yesterday to claim their prize: a night at our residential centre at Craflwyn, followed by a personal guided tour of Llyndy Isaf and a chance to meet owners Ken and Mem Owen.

Joining us for a tasty dinner of home-cooked Welsh lamb last night was the Trust’s new Director for Wales, Justin Albert who was accompanying the lucky trio as part of his induction.

As we walked around the lake today it was wonderful to have an oportunity to share my passion for this amazing place, and to feel the group come under its spell. 

But of course Llyndy Isaf can captivate people without any help from me.   The sight of a wild brown trout leaping clean out of the calm waters of the lake; the garish red of the fly-agaric toadstool bursting through the woodland floor; the rich honeyed scent of the purple heather blossom wafting on the breeze; the wonderfully delicate nodding blue heads of the hairbell.  All these sights and sensations guarenteed that our friends were suitably impressed and could feel rightly proud that by donating to the appeal, they have played their part in conserving these treasures for future generations to enjoy.

This was our way of saying diolch yn fawr – thank you.

L to R: Rhys Evans, Snowdonia Operations Manager, Iona Seymour, Richard Neale, Rachel Rosen and Rafe Osbourn. Photo taken by Justin Alblert, Director for Wales, before the walk around the farm.





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