Posted by: Richard Neale | October 18, 2011

These boots are made for walking - and raising funds for Llyndy Isaf

I will be joining a team from the National Trust Supporter Services Centre as they take part in a sponsored walk up Snowdon on Saturday (22 October) to raise funds for Llyndy Isaf.

If you’ve given to the appeal, then it was probably this team who handled your donation.  They are based at our Warrington Supporter base and deal with all donations to National Trust campaigns. 

They were so moved by the story of Llyndy Isaf that they too decided to give their own time and raise funds to buy the farm.

Campaign Manager Alyson Myers said, “We speak and write to many supporters who have donated to save Llyndy Isaf and we wanted to take part in Snowdonia Appeal fundraising too. What better way then to walk in beautiful Snowdonia and raise money for the Appeal at the same time.”

The team have set up a JustGiving page for an easy way to donate. To support their sponsored walk – please go to



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