Posted by: Richard Neale | October 23, 2011

Snowdon Conquered in Aid of Llyndy Isaf

The team set off on their fundraising challenge

Eight intrepid colleagues from the Trust’s Supporter Services Centre braved strong winds and aching joints to successfully climb Wales’ highest peak on Saturday, the 22nd of October.

Inspired by their job of handling donations to our appeal, they decided to give up their time to do a series of sponsored events to raise £1,000 for Llyndy Isaf .

Pausing for a breather on the way up

I joined the team at 8 a.m. sharp at the Snowdon Ranger youth hostel and soon we were battling 40 mph winds as we wound our way up the 935 m. of arduous ascent.  I found it fascinating to hear about how the staff at the SSC work.

The centre process all the membership applications and donations as well as handling thousands of enquiries daily.  I must admit that I shared many people’s misconceptions of what people in ‘call centre’ actually do.

Chatting to this lively group of Liverpudlians, I came to realise that here was a team who believe passionately in the work of the Trust and enjoy playing a crucial part in keeping the organisation going.

I was reminded of the office worker at NASA who when asked in the 1960s what she did, gave the answer “I’m helping putting a man on the moon”.

Eventually our path merged with the Llanberis Path and we joined the crowds triumphantly climbing the last half mile ridge to the summit.  As we tucked into our sandwiches and flasks we were reminded that food and drink always tastes better after you’ve climbed a mountain.  Julie remarked “that was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had”.

The team make it to the summit

With frequent Scouse expletives ("I'm bloody freeeez'n"), the team strip off their coats - superman-style - to reveal their NT t-shirts.

As we prepared to leave the summit the mist parted and we were treated to wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

With sore feet and aching knees, we eventually got back safely to the car park at about 4:00pm, happy in the knowledge that although the ascent broke no records (at about 1-mile-an-hour average speed) we had done more to help Snowdonia than most of the others who climbed Snowdon that day.

Now it’s your turn to help, by going to   Diolch yn fawr.


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