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  1. Gorgeous work. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Would you consider selling prints of these photos? Maybe it could raise money for the appeal? I would love a copy of the last one (the view over the lake)

    • Hi Candy. The NT sells a selection of its photos through its website and you can view thumbnails of the entire collection on The recent photos of Llyndy Isaf have not yet found their way onto the NTprints site, but can be viewed on the NTPL site and, I think, can be purchased from that site. I will suggest that they make a selection of the Llyndy Isaf photos available on the NTprints site, including the stunning shot over the lake you mention. Thanks for your enquiry – Richard

      • Hi Richard,

        Thanks, it would be good if they were available on the ntprints site as well. I would really like to buy a print of Llyn Dinas. Me and my partner got engaged next to the lake last week so the lake is very important to us and would be nice to buy a print :o)


      • Hi Candy,

        I’m pleased to say that I’ve received this response from our NTPL unit:

        Thank you for your email. I would be very happy to arrange to upload this recent Joe Cornish shoot on to our Joe Cornish Image Gallery on the NT Prints website. I will arrange to send a disc of images to our provider early this week for upload. If you would kindly let the enquirer know that they should hopefully be available by next week for purchase on the prints site

        I hope that your favourite photo is one of the ones that are being uploaded and made available on – Thank you for raising this and pleased to have been able to help!


  3. Thank you so much for that Richard.
    Just had a look and the print I like is on there, so going to get it now 🙂

    Thanks again

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